Hello hello hello.. 😀  feeling happy even though it’s a lazy Monday.. The weather in Malaysia has been so great […]

Hello, peeps. Nothing much to update with my boring life. haha.. I guess everyone is kind of busy with their […]

Hello peeps, how’s everyone ?  still crawling through the week?.. Don’t worry tmr will be TGIF already !   Got […]

It’s Monday. I’m sure everyone is fighting that Monday blues~ Starting work or class.. T.T I know, totally understand. Suddenly […]

I use to scratch my head on what to eat everyday. Whether or not this food is good for my […]

Helloooo ! 🙂  been enjoy my holiday period, starting my working life soon. haha. for now la, cause still deciding […]

Losing weight for women is like the hottest topic. Other than fashion.. haha. But i guess everyone has a different […]

Finally came out of my shell..  been stuck at home for weeks because of my final. But i still have […]

OMG. it’s been so long.  I have stop using social media for about 2 weeks.. hahaa.. Will be doing a […]

My first English Experience at Colonial Cafe, Majestic Hotel K.L. 😀 My dad suggested to bring us to Majestic for […]